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Soo Santaï

SOO SANTAÏ is an Indonesian brand created by a French designer, based in Seminyak, Bali.

Since 2009, SANTAÏ produces indoor and outdoor furniture that are sold throughout the world. The main showroom is based in Seminyak, and now these amazing pieces that will literally form part of your life can now be bought in Koh Samui at Pure Samui Co.,Ltd.

SANTAÏ offers an amazing wide range of bean bags for interior and exterior design with a reputation of high quality products. Their products are available in several models and twelve different brilliant colours that will add fun and form to your life.

The pleasure of sitting on a bean bag is different from sitting on a chair or a sofa. Children as well as adults can relax and feel comfortable on bean bags which add to the beauty of the home décor and give a remarkable affect with different colours. Home décor can be a real challenge. If a children’s bedroom is in pink and blue, then bean bags can be selected accordingly.

The fact is that fun spaces in the house can be created with over-sized bean bags which tempts the family to slip and melt in them. Sitting as a couple on a bean bag was always fashionable and fun. The notable Big Mama Strap bean bag is a good example of over-sized bean bags.

Bring colours into your life with bean bags

There is no doubt about the positive effects of colour to human life. Having nice and well matched colours around you will certainly enchant your senses and make you feel great. This is why you need to know more about simple beanbag interior décor. Certainly decorating your home with colourful and designed beanbags will make you always feel happy and relaxed. Just add colour to your life with beanbags.

All you need is to imagine the colour that usually enchants your senses and tickles your fancy when you want to buy beanbags for your home. Since your home is the final point you normally revert to after a stressful day at work, you need to make it comfortable and colourful. Easy, by just replacing your cushions with well-designed and colourful beanbags.

Take Your Outdoor Relaxation to another Height with Water Resistant Bean Bags

Bean bags can be just as much fun outside as inside and we are often asked what are the benefits of water resistant beanbags? Enjoy an amazing experience while relaxing outdoors with the help of your water resistant beanbags.

At the poolside or even in the water these beanbags are fun and relaxation for all the family. The beanbags designed specifically for outdoor and marine use are made with features that made them suitable and importantly water resistant.

Did you know, Bean Bags Quicken Sleep after Sport or a Hard Day

After strenuous sport or a hard day, your body needs rest and can easily respond to a special kind of cosiness. For that reason, since bean bag are loaded with comfort and pleasure your body will relax completely helping you sleep quicker and deeper.

These beautiful beanbags and more can be found at Pure Samui.